Foie Gras – Innermost Shrine, Heavily Gilded

I might have died,
High Tide
Just High
A nervous stuttering
A slight suffering
I’m caving in
I might have died

Iphigenia/Foie Gras emerges from a deep cave somewhere in San Francisco, the deep cave moved into the dark corners of Seattle, now part of the excellent Not Just Religious Music label started by Thomas Cowgill of King Dude. I first encountered her music years ago, I was deep down in the ruts. But aside from that let’s move on to one of the best releases of recent years. Foie Gras makes the body fall apart. There are sounds that make the cells of the body expire instantly. But most of all Innermost Shrine, Heavily Gilded is a record of self exploration.

Foie Gras by Muted Fawn

A record composed of the light that flows in every one of us, and the terrible shakes that we get at the thought of just existing in this earth. Foie is the shepherd guiding us into the pastures, through the forest. Carcass is a track that illuminates the way into suffering. The layers hover around each other, the distorted vocals buried underneath the eerie soundscapes. This is record puts you in another place, separate from reality. A track like I Could Have Died represents the lonely bed you come into every night, with the moonlight leaking through the blinds. The sound of the dust settling on your skin.

Can’t stop
Won’t stop
This feeling, this passion
Can’t Stop
Won’t stop
I’m dying
I’m dying

Innermost Shrine, Heavily Gilded really shines with Beau, a track reminiscent of depressive black metal bands like Wounder/Planning For Burial/Chelsea Wolfe. Severely layered and full of ire, Foie Gras emerges a new with every track. It is simply outstanding to see the worship in this. Worship of your body, of the anger and fear that leaks. Iphigenia is a powerful force in this universe, and certainly one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Innermost Shrine closes with two haunting tracks, Eat and Sodom. The latter possessing reversed vocals whispering Eat, eat the palm that feeds you. Eat, eat your Enemies. There is one track in particular, that is only in this re-release, Critter.

you can never love a monster like me
because you only like girls who are pretty
and you won’t look past my deformities
you can never love a creature like me

you say that my scales are too cold
and my claws are too spiky to hold
and my thousand eyes they stare into your soul
some things are better left untold

Over the years of me knowing Iphigenia, I truly feel like she can change the world. Her art extends to all the reaches of media, photography, modeling, painting, clothing, everything. The bleak Americana that emerges from the worship of the body, leather, and the soft loudness inside you will make you understand how to deal with it all. How tender we can really be. How to overcome it in this place where people fetish sadness and depression. Foie Gras will live on and on. I am excited to see the next step in her evolution.

You can acquire her first physical release via Not Just Religious Music’s Bandcamp. Foie Gras can be liked on Facebook and followed on Tumblr. You can catch her on tour with King Dude, dates located below.


Hollow Sunshine – Bring Gold

The energy I offer
when I sleep in silver
when I sleep in towers.
I’m a child — I falter
Priestess and designer
I sleep where there is ardor
I wish for one more hour.

There is something inexplicable that shatters in me when the opening track of Bring Gold starts.  Hollow Sunshine‘s Bring Gold is a gorgeous record that is filled with many great surprises. Around 2013, I saw their debut Held Above by accident and found myself jamming up and down my shitty town listening to it. For Bring Gold, a dense layer hovers around this shining beacon. There is heaviness here, there is longing for something we all lack. The switch between the more dream pop tracks and the drone/doom ones are so beautiful, mellow and distant, there is so much warmth pouring from it.  Bring Gold accentuates emotions that I never knew I could feel, or rather, some feelings that lack explanation. Morgan Enos and Nina Chase’s vocals are beautifully intertwined with the sludge behind them, it doesn’t sound out of place, it feels just like home. Reuben Sawyer’s instrumentation resonates all over and rarely do sounds stay with me without listening to an album directly, finding myself humming a long daily everywhere I go, and that to me is worth more than anything in the world. You won’t find a record like Bring Gold anywhere, it is a self contained experience that reaches to the depths of earth and the highest of heavens, it captures emotional bliss at it’s core, but doesn’t let you forget that you are lacking so much more. It is the only redemption in your shitty friend’s folder of 128kbps shoegaze mp3s. Tell your dad about it, I’m sure he will like it.

You can order Bring Gold and other excellent releases from solid label Iron Pier: