Hollow Sunshine – Bring Gold

The energy I offer
when I sleep in silver
when I sleep in towers.
I’m a child — I falter
Priestess and designer
I sleep where there is ardor
I wish for one more hour.

There is something inexplicable that shatters in me when the opening track of Bring Gold starts.  Hollow Sunshine‘s Bring Gold is a gorgeous record that is filled with many great surprises. Around 2013, I saw their debut Held Above by accident and found myself jamming up and down my shitty town listening to it. For Bring Gold, a dense layer hovers around this shining beacon. There is heaviness here, there is longing for something we all lack. The switch between the more dream pop tracks and the drone/doom ones are so beautiful, mellow and distant, there is so much warmth pouring from it.  Bring Gold accentuates emotions that I never knew I could feel, or rather, some feelings that lack explanation. Morgan Enos and Nina Chase’s vocals are beautifully intertwined with the sludge behind them, it doesn’t sound out of place, it feels just like home. Reuben Sawyer’s instrumentation resonates all over and rarely do sounds stay with me without listening to an album directly, finding myself humming a long daily everywhere I go, and that to me is worth more than anything in the world. You won’t find a record like Bring Gold anywhere, it is a self contained experience that reaches to the depths of earth and the highest of heavens, it captures emotional bliss at it’s core, but doesn’t let you forget that you are lacking so much more. It is the only redemption in your shitty friend’s folder of 128kbps shoegaze mp3s. Tell your dad about it, I’m sure he will like it.

You can order Bring Gold and other excellent releases from solid label Iron Pier: http://www.ironpier.net/